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In order to provide more comfortable experience to our web page visitors, this site has to store to your computer a small amount of information, so called, cookie. Among other, one of the purposes of cookies is to ensure optimum functioning of the web page, as well as to allow us to make necessary improvements for your use. Blocking cookies is possible and you will still be able to visit the page, however, some of its possibilities will not be accessible.

What is cookie?
The cookie is information stored to your computer, tablet or cell phone, which can be delivered immediately by the web site visited, in cooperation and for the needs of the web page third party (cookies of the third side). Cookies usually store your settings, settings for the web page, e.g., preferred language and similar settings. Later, when you open the same web page again, the internet browser sends cookies back to the belonging page. This also enables the site to display the information adjusted to your needs. The cookies can store a wide range of information, including certain amount of personal data. These information, however, can be stored only if you allow so. The web pages cannot have access to the information you did give your permission for, nor access any other data on your computer.

The usage of cookies in Aqua park Istralandia Web shop

Aqua Park Istralandia uses cookies in order to provide a better user experience. When you use our web page, you can also accept cookie from the „third party“. The Aqua Park Istralandia uses cookies in order to follow the statistical visits of the web page in order to be provided with the information on web page success, using at the same time the service of the third party, Google Analytics.
The Aqua Park Istralandia also uses cookies in order to promote products and services on the web page itself, related networks and trough the usage of repeated marketing on Google Analytics service. Using cookies, the suppliers of the third party (including Google) and in cooperation with the Aqua Park Istralandia are showing Aqua park Istralandia ads on internet locations through the entire internet. We emphasize that you can disable Google Analytics service for marketing and adjust ads for Google network using the tools of Ad settings manager. ( Besides these and with the purpose of content planning and publishing adjusted to your interests as well as future marketing campaigns, we use tool of Google Analytics Demographics an Interest Reporting where we can use the information from Google marketing based on interest and/or information of the third party about this service, as well as possibility of the users to regulate the cookie settings which are themselves necessary themselves and available at:

How to disable cookies?

Should you wish so, you can disable the storage of cookies to your computer; however, blocking of all cookies could have a negative effect on usage of many internet web pages, including this one. The settings of cookies can be controlled and reconfigured on your internet browser. If you wish to enable or delete cookies on your computer, it is necessary to update the settings of your internet browser (information on deleting and disabling of cookies is available on your computer under the help option).

Additional information on cookie disabling

Currently, there are several web pages for cookie disabling on different services.

More information are available at the following we addressees:

Social networks

Social networks may also store cookies to your computer. It usually happens on web pages enabling you log in and registration trough the social network accounts and in cases when you share the content of the web page on social network pages ( pressing the „like“button). The influence on your privacy will vary from network to network and depends on privacy settings you chose for each particular network. How to manage these cookies, you can fin d out on their own web pages.

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