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The terms and conditions of Aquapark Istralandia Ltd. webpage, as well as distant contract deals via remote communication means are applied here stated General terms and conditions, except in cases when contractual parties (Seller and Buyer) agree differently.

The terms and conditions of the business and utilizations are a subject and under the Consumer Protection Law (National Gazette no.35/05) and the Law of Obligations (National Gazette no.41/14).

Aquapark Istralandia Ltd., Address:  Ronki 1, 52474 Brtonigla, Reg.No.32451961067, share capital: 15.000,00, general manager: Branko Kovačić,, in further text Aquapark Istralandia Ltd.

When ordering products via means of the remote communication, the Buyer will immediately be informed with all relevant and provided information as stated in Article 57., in accordance with Article 66.2. of the Consumer Protection Law, will have delivered this pre-contractual notice and standard information form for unilateral breach of contract by accepting the Terms of sales when conducting the purchase.


All prices and services listed on web pages, brochures, catalogues and other marketing materials are shown in kunas, VAT included. The prices, terms of payment and special offers are valid at the moment of purchase exclusively an can be subject of change without prior notice.


Aquapark Istralandia Ltd. Web shop offers its clients the following payment methods: Cards

(all major debit and credit cards)

American MasterCard maestro visa dc-logo discover

TheAquapark Istralandia Ltd. Web shop offers the possibility to conduct payment by all major credit cards. The payment is conducted via Pay Way system of online authorization of credit cards in real time, providing extreme protection and safety of data during any financial transactions via internet.

american mastercard maestro visa dc-logo discover

The receipt

The receipt for conducted purchase will be delivered to your email address.


  • To conduct the Pay Way service, T-com is linked to following credit card institutions:
  • PBZ Card LTD. for American Express MasterCard and Visa credit cards, including mPay payment method
  • Diners Club Adriatic P.l.c. for Diners Credit cards
  • Erste & Steiermärkische Bank P.l.c. for MasterCard Credit cards

PayWay applies the most modern and sophisticated standards in data protection – Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit data encryption and MD5 algorithm. ISO 8538 protocol ensures that the data exchange between T-com internet and credit card institution authorization centers is conducted within private network, protected from unauthorized entry by a double firewall.

Mastercard and Visa cards apply 3D secure program of safe purchase. This program represents the global standard for buyer authentication during online shopping, at the same time providing you with higher payment guarantee and safety resulting in higher income and better end results.

paywaysticker_2 american-express  mastercard-secure-code verified-by-visa


The Aquapark Istralandia Ltd.  is obliged to provide personal information protection to its buyers in such a way that it is collecting only basic data necessary for fulfillment of our own obligations. Aquapark Istralandia Ltd. informs its buyers on way collected data is used, including the possibility to decide to have their name removed from any lists used for marketing campaigns.

All information on our users are stored safely and available to authorized personnel only and exclusively to those who need such information in order to conduct their duties. All Aquapark Istralandia Ltd. personnel, including their partners are responsible for respect of the basic principles of privacy protections.

The Aquapark Istralandia Ltd. is registered within Central Register for personal data collection as well as within The Agency for personal data protection. (AZOP)

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