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The complaints are accepted only with the valid receipt as the sole proof of purchase. In accordance with the La of consumer protection, it is not possible to file a complaint for buyers tailor made product. (Article 79, paragraph 3, Consumer protection Law)
In any case of complaints due to malfunction, the complaint should be sent to the following address: Aqua park Istralandia, Ronki 1, 52474 Brtonigla
Visible damages of the goods and/or packaging should be reported to the delivery personnel.

The right for one-time contract termination
Only the buyer with the valid Remote contract (internet shop) can terminate the contract without stating the reason (Article 72, Consumer protection Law), within 14 days of the receipt of the good, with the assumption of the prior notice delivery and acceptance. In cases when the buyer with the remote contract did not receive such notification on possibility of the one-time contract termination, the right of the buyer for a termination is 12 months. The breach of contract is possible and acceptable for goods which are, prior to production, are not modified in accordance with the buyer requests. (Article 79., paragraph 3, Consumer protection Law.)

In cases when the buyer is using his right, the expenses of good return are on the buyer and the good need to be returned within 14 days (article 77, consumer protection Law). The buyer is also responsible for the expenses of the decreased value of the goods (Article 77, Consumer protection Law), except for those necessary to determine he nature, marks and functionality.

If the product/goods have been returned damaged, with major damages, without parts and supporting documentation, and if the stated is not delivered within 8 days, it is considered that the buyer did not meet his obligation of the goods return where the Seller has no obligation to conduct the return of the received payment in whole, but after the assessment of the losses and decreased product value.
Other rights and obligations are stated in the Standard Information Form for the one-time contract termination.
The notice on written consumer complaint
All complaints in accordance with the Article 10 of the Consumer protection Law can be sent via regular mail or email.

Other possibilities of the complaint submission:

To the following address: Aqua park Istralandia, Ronki 1, 52474 Brtonigla.

Via official e-mail address: [email protected].

The response to your complaint will be sent to you in written form within legal 15 days from the day of the complaint receipt.

By accepting the terms of usage, you are also accepting the General terms and conditions of business conduction and sales.

Online dispute resolution

With the special regulation of the European Union as of 15 February 2016, all disputes regarding the online shopping can be resolved via ODR platform accessible here also. Should you find a problem or irregularity during your online shopping within EU (dysfunctional product, impossibility f the product replacement etc.), your complaint can be filed in a simple and efficient way by using the upper link.

The platform can be used by both consumers and sellers, while the complaint can be submitted in any of 23 EU official languages.

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